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Depleted over time from career stress and family demands, I found that a healthy diet  and regular exercise were no longer restorative. Energy Medicine sessions with Helen have been working to restore my vital energy; I am sleeping better, resolving long standing pain issues, and am able to enjoy my life again. Helen's highly caring, knowledgable, and nurturing approach, coupled with a calming environment, have worked wonders. I am very grateful, and highly recommend Helen's Energy Medicine practice.

Andrea Lemp, Maple Bay, BC




I have had the privilege of experiencing energy work administered by Helen, and it was transformative for me.

She is a serene and gentle soul, who is caring and compassionate. She is deeply committed to the practice of Energy Medicine, and the treatment she offers is highly effective.

Carolyne Kennedy, Duncan, BC

I am writing this to say thank you for opening my mind, body and spirit to Infinite Potential with your energy healing practice.


The three sessions thus far have established roots from which my inner core feels more grounded and connected with a flow of energy that is both tangible in releasing back pain from an accident injury and a deep place of meditation where I experience a kind of calm and patience about the next branch of life.


Your  healing energy came to me at an auspicious time.  I highly recommend Helen for expanding your human potential.

Patti Reid, Maple Bay, BC


I met with Helen to deal with some unsettling feelings about my injured shoulder and to prepare for surgery.  My partner said Helen might be able to help and suggested I contact her for an appointment.


Upon arrival, I was feeling mentally exhausted and my mind felt very busy as I was anxious about my surgery.  Helen was very welcoming and I was able to describe what I was feeling. This was very connecting and a great pathway into the energy work.


As she began to work, I experienced an awakening, a connectivity that was calming and relaxing.


I became more aware and in tune with my body and could feel my breath flow freely and effortlessly. Helen was able to channel the flow of energy through my body the way it was intended. This allowed my brain to receive the feedback of my physiology, bringing confidence, hope and positive feeings to the surface.


It's like travelling down a road for many hours, many miles, then making a pit stop. After fueling up, the attendant runs the squeegee across your windshield and all of a sudden you realize how clear everything is. It's like new scenery...a clarity not felt for a long time. It's a tune up for the things we know least about ourselves.


As I left, I felt grateful, joyous, and resilient, my anxieties literally channeled away.

Jerry Sarafian, Duncan, BC







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